The American Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion was established in 1975. The Board is comprised of no less than eight members and no more than twelve members, all Certified Clinical Perfusionists, who serve four-year terms.

The primary purpose of the Board, and therefore its most essential function, is protection of the public through the establishment and maintenance of standards in the field of cardiovascular perfusion. To achieve this objective, the Board has established qualifications for examination and procedures for recertification. Its requirements and procedures are reviewed and modified periodically as necessary.

Certification in cardiovascular perfusion is evidence that a perfusionist’s qualifications for operation of extracorporeal equipment are recognized by his/her peers. It is not intended to define requirements for employment, to gain special recognition or privileges, to define the scope of extracorporeal circulation, or to state who may not engage in cardiovascular perfusion. Certification of a clinical perfusionist does not relieve an employer from determining the professional responsibilities of a cardiovascular perfusionist in his/her specific clinical setting.

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