The Grief and Remembrance Program is established by The Missouri Perfusion Society to recognize members of the society who pass away.

The contributions that perfusionists make to the health and welfare of their fellow man goes unappreciated by patients simply because perfusionists are often anonymous and out of view from the patient and families.

Perfusionists accept this situation without regret knowing that personal and professional satisfaction comes from a “job well done” and not from any accolades from a grateful patient.  However, when a perfusionist dies it is inherent upon her/his peers to acknowledge a life of dedication to the perfusion profession and to the betterment of mankind in general.

Remembrance Gift

Upon learning of the passing of a fellow perfusionist, The Missouri Perfusion Society will send to the family and loved ones a gift containing an official elegy, an informational pamphlet, and a letter.

  • The elegy will be in the form of a certificate, appropriate for display at a wake or funeral, that contains the perfusionist’s name, date of death and an official recognition of her/his contributions to the perfusion profession and a career dedicated to the betterment of mankind, “one patient at a time”.
  • The informational pamphlet will be from the successful Missouri licensing campaign. The pamphlet contains text and full color photos that explain the vital role that a perfusionist plays in the care of a critically ill patient.
  • Finally, the letter will convey sincere condolences to the family from the members of The Missouri Perfusion Society. The letter will explain that we are sending the elegy and pamphlet as mementos to the deceased’s family that can be retained as keepsakes and passed to future generations to help preserve the memory of their loved one.

These inclusions are a good historical documents for children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren who want to know about their forbearer’s career, life and times.

Donate to the Program

If you wish to contribute to The Missouri Perfusion Society Grief and Remembrance Program you may donate using our online form, or you may send a check to the following address:

  • Missouri Perfusion Society
  • ATTN: Treasurer
  • 770 Winding Bend Ln
  • Ballwin, MO 63021