A Short Note from the President

From all of us at The Missouri Perfusion Society, we welcome and thank our loyal members, new members, soon-to-be members and sponsors!  We welcome 2019 and look forward to continuing our society’s success in aiding our colleagues with avenues for continuing education, open communication lines and to enhance our involvement as a whole within our great profession.

MissouriPerfusion.com & Membership

Our website has all of our most up to date information and serves as the hub for all societal matters.  Our online user management system tracks your meeting registration, membership dues, payments, and continuing education credits.  This requires everyone attending our meetings or seeking membership with the Missouri Perfusion Society to have an active online account.

We have revamped the website so that all information including account and website information are accessible and viewable from one page.  Once signed in (with your current username and password) you will be prompted to update your information.  After this update, within the same page you will see your history of membership and you will be able to ‘RENEW’ your membership direct from this page.  If you do not have a history of membership, you will be able to add a general membership within the ‘MEMBERSHIP’ tab of the website.

For practicing Perfusionists, there is only one level of membership, which is ‘General’.  General Membership continues to include voting rights, ability to serve on the Board, access to restricted content and reduced meeting fees (half price – reg.$200, reduced $100).  Once you have the ‘General Membership’ in your cart, you will have the option to elect an additional amount for a donation enabling The Missouri Perfusion Society to continue to provide resources for area Perfusionists, support our meetings, our scholarship program and our mission to represent and promote the professional interest of clinical Perfusionists, associates and students who live and or work in the state of Missouri.  With added membership value, we continue to offer the same amount of CEUs for the same price in light of rising society costs.  We ask you to please donate any amount you are capable of to support the society.

We are offering FREE MEMBERSHIP DUES for the first year for anyone without prior society membership!!  Please pass this information along to anyone you think may be interested!!  That means if you are a first time member, your 2019 membership dues are free and the meeting only costs $100!!  WOW, what an amazing deal!!  Go to our website and create an account and then send an email to me stating you would like to have your FREE membership.

Upcoming Annual Meeting

Our 24th Annual Scientific Meeting will be held June 7th & 8th in St. Louis, Missouri (typically 16 ABCP category 1 CEUs).  After becoming a 2019 General Member and still within our website, we encourage you to register for the St. Louis meeting.  Please note that the discounted meeting price is only available until May 1st.

All pertinent meeting information will be found on our website (overview, hotel, and agenda).  A nice variety of perfusion topics and vendors will undoubtedly be present.

Free Meeting Registration and CEUs will be awarded to committed speakers for our June 2019 meeting.  Please urge any and all speakers to our website to complete the form.

Patrick D. Longenecker Student Scholarship

We are pleased to support the Patrick Dewitt Longenecker Perfusion Student Scholarship in honor and memory of the beloved son of Robert and Mary Longenecker for the thirteenth year running.   I have contacted all accredited Perfusion school directors directly via snail and email.  Despite my best attempts to advertise for scholarship entrants, our turn out remains to be low.  PLEASE encourage all eligible students to apply for our scholarship via our website.  Scholarship submissions are due March 27th.

Pertinent Member News

Our current Officers & BOD:  Clint Johnson (President), Heather Harris (Vice President), Ryan McClellan (Treasurer), Patrick Allibone (Secretary), Brad Smith, Gloria Mitten, Chen Gao, Katy Fosdick and Floyd Daniel.

Currently, we have nine total board positions filled, however we are always looking for more support on the board to better represent the entire state.  We simply need to maintain the required odd number of members.  Please contact me if interested.  Board member requirements include attendance to our annual meeting in June and one teleconference meeting in October.

In Closing

Please HELP!!  It is our goal to have contact with as many Perfusionists as possible.  I strongly encourage anyone that would like to be placed on The Missouri Perfusion Society’s email list to sign up for an account through the website (it is FREE).  A copy of this newsletter will also be available on our website.

From the Missouri Perfusion Society, have a wonderful day and we look forward to working and seeing you all this year!



Clint Johnson, CCP


The Missouri Perfusion Society