Mission Statement

The Mission of The Missouri Perfusion Society is to represent and promote the professional interest of clinical perfusionists and associates who live and or work in the state of Missouri.  The society will promote educational forums, participate in the formulation of public health care policy, and serve to protect patient welfare through a commitment to high standards.

History of the Organization

The Missouri Perfusion Society was founded in 1995 in an effort to establish licensure for perfusionists in the State of Missouri.  Today the organization works to maintain the integrity of perfusion and offers a variety of programs including perfusion education, student scholarships, and recognition for perfusionists within the society.

Missouri Perfusion Licensure

In the early 1990’s, several bills had been introduced in the Missouri Legislature to license an array of health care providers.  With no existing organization promoting the interests of perfusionists, there was a strong possibility that the scope of practice and integrity of perfusion would be undermined.Robert Longenecker was a liaison in Missouri for the American Society of Extra-Corporeal Technology (AmSECT) and initiated contact with Missouri perfusionists to build interest in forming a grassroots organization to pursue licensure.In 1995, Robert Longenecker, along with a core group of perfusionists, formed The Missouri Perfusion Society.  These perfusionists selected the title of the organization, incorporated the society by-laws, and established an address in St. Louis, Missouri.  Membership was immediately promoted to perfusionists throughout the State.The 1996 inaugural meeting of The Missouri Perfusion Society was held in St. Louis Missouri.  The first board of directors was elected into office and Robert Longenecker was elected the first society president.  A newsletter was established as a tool to communicate with perfusionists throughout Missouri while the Board of Directors and Lobbyists pursued licensure in Jefferson City.The second meeting of the Missouri Perfusion Society was held in 1996 in Kansas City, Missouri. The following month, Missouri Governor Mel Carnahan signed Senate Bill 141 providing licensure for clinical perfusionists in the presence of The Missouri Perfusion Society’s board of directors, society lobbyists and supporters.Missouri became the 3rd US State to enact licensing of clinical perfusionists.  For his efforts, Robert Longenecker was nominated for and received AmSECT’s Award of Excellence.

Missouri Advisory Commission for Clinical Perfusionist

In 1998, the Missouri Advisory Commission for Clinical Perfusionist was established under the Board of Healing Arts and commission members were appointed by Governor Mel Carnahan.  Greg Weaver was appointed 1st Chairman of the Perfusion Advisory Commission.Amendments were added to Senate Bill 141 to waive examinations for perfusionists already holding certification from the American Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion.The first Clinical Perfusionist licenses were issued in the State of Missouri in 1999.