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Master Perfusionist Award

The Master Perfusionist Award is presented to active members of The Missouri Perfusion Society who have 20 or more years of clinical experience as a perfusionist.  Completion of 20 years in clinical practice by a perfusionist is an achievement worthy of recognition from the perfusion community.  There is no charge for this recognition, it is a member benefit to all those who qualify.

Award Presentation

Perfusionists who achieve this record of longevity will receive the title of  “Master Perfusionist”, a  lapel pin, and a certificate suitable for display from The Missouri Perfusion Society. Perfusionists are recognized at our Annual Scientific Meeting.


To qualify for Master Perfusionist recognition, members should send their Curriculum Vitae (CV) documenting 20 years of clinical practice as of June 1st to the Awards Committee Chairman.  The CV need only document employment history as a perfusionist for a period of at least 20 years.  The period of activity as a student does not qualify.

Lifetime of the Award

Perfusionist recognition is a member benefit from The Missouri Perfusion Society. However, once awarded, the appellation will be recognized for life by The Missouri Perfusion Society regardless of future membership status. Any non-member who wishes to be officially recognized as a Master Perfusionist can submit a membership fee to The Missouri Perfusion Society along with their CV.

How to Apply

CV’s must be received by June 1st for inclusion in our Annual Scientific Meeting.  Please mail your CV and a letter of request to the following address:

Missouri Perfusion Society
Clint Johnson
10300 N Prospect Ave
Kansas City, MO 64155